International Experience

Consulting roles have taken Mr. Langley to over 40 countries.

Mr. Langley provided the engineering insights to allow a European firm to benchmark operations and maintenance parameters for natural gas pipelines in Europe, Asia and South America and for LNG regasification facilities in Europe.

Mr. Langley provided the engineering insights to benchmark sulfur recovery facilities in eight countries on behalf of a national oil company to enable it to select the better technology.

Mr. Langley provided a market based valuation of two Russian refineries at a time when few transactions in Russia had occurred. Later, he conducted a fraud investigation into the operations of a central Russian refinery business.

Mr. Langley provided the industry insight to conduct an overall business risk management assignment for a refining business in Thailand.

Mr. Langley has consulted for management of refineries in Russia, Norway, Finland, Argentina, Canada andĀ Thailand, and forĀ over 50 refineries in the US.

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